The Midorikami Family

Name & Meaning: Francis - Named after St. Francis.
Model & Faceup: SD17 Alain; default
Wig & Eyes: TinyBear Mohair & others; default 16mm Volks Green
Age & Arrival Date: 26, March 6, 2008
Relationships: Francis is Rei, Yuuko and Momiji's older brother, Xie's cousin and Hoshi's father.

Name & Meaning: Rei Martin - Rei was a family friend and St. Martin de Aguirre was a martyred Franciscan missionary to Japan.
Model & Faceup: Seirei Sakaki with SD13 torso; default
Wig & Eyes: Volks W-55-20; default 18mm Volks B. Smoke Olive
Age & Arrival Date: 24, July 5, 2005
Relationships: Rei is Francis, Yuuko and Momiji's brother, Xie's cousin, Hoshi's uncle and Jun's boyfriend.

Name & Meaning: Yuuko, after the Interdimensional Witch in xxxHolic.
Model & Faceup: LE Dolpa 14 SD13 Emma; default
Wig & Eyes: Various, light brown or black; 18mm Kanis-Augen Beige w/Iris Rim
Age & Arrival Date: 22, January 19, 2006
Relationships: Yuuko is Francis, Rei and Momiji's sister, Xie's cousin, Hoshi's aunt and Eugenia's friend.

Name & Meaning: Xie, after Xie Kitchner, Louis Carroll's favorite model.
Model & Faceup: LE Dolpa 15 SD10 Carol; default
Wig & Eyes: Various Volks in Cream; default 18mm Volks Ash Gray
Age & Arrival Date: 15, May 17, 2006
Relationships: Xie is Francis, Rei, Yuuko's and Momiji's cousin, Hoshi's second cousin and Jun's friend. Xie is also the nanny for all the children.

Name & Meaning: Momiji, meaning maple and from Fruits Basket.
Model & Faceup: Ko-tenshi Tsubaki; default
Wig & Eyes: Monique Johnny, Lt. Ginger; default 16mm Volks Green
Age & Arrival Date: 12, March 3, 2005
Relationships: Momiji is Francis, Rei and Yuuko's younger brother, Xie's cousin, Hoshi's uncle and Megumi's friend.

Name & Meaning: Hoshi, meaning star.
Model & Faceup: Yo-tenshi Yuki; default
Wig & Eyes: Mystery mohair; 16mm Volks Green (Kasumi default)
Age & Arrival Date: 3, October 14, 2005
Relationships: Hoshi is Francis' son, Rei, Yuuko and Momiji's nephew and Xie's second cousin.

The Ginirokami Family

Name & Meaning: Jun, meaning pure and from Rozen Maiden.
Model & Faceup: Kyo-tenshi Kikyou; default
Wig & Eyes: Luts DW-86, Silver; 18mm Kanis-Augen Light Blue w/Iris Rim
Age & Arrival Date: 16; April 6, 2006
Relationships: Jun is Mei's older brother, Rei's boyfriend and Xie's friend.

Name & Meaning: Mei, from Totoro.
Model & Faceup: Yo-tenshi Kasumi; default
Wig & Eyes: Miliren Blond Mohair; 16mm Volks B. Blue
Age & Arrival Date: 4; November 15, 2006
Relationships: Mei is Jun's younger sister.

The Kurokami Family

Name & Meaning: Hana, from Fruits Basket and meaning flower.
Model & Faceup: SD10 Megu; Kiriko Moth
Wig & Eyes: Various black; 20mm Volks Lt. Gray
Age & Arrival Date: 16; November 16, 2004
Relationships: Hana is Megumi and Kaga's older sister.

Name & Meaning: Megumi, from Fruits Basket.
Model & Faceup: LE Dolpa 8 MSD Ken; Me
Wig & Eyes: Various black; 16mm Volks Cadet Blue
Age & Arrival Date: 12; August 2, 2004
Relationships: Megumi is Hana and Kaga's brother and Momiji's friend.

Name & Meaning: Kaga, meaning bud.
Model & Faceup: NY Dolpa 3 YoSD Megu; Default
Wig & Eyes: Default; 16mm Volks Cadet Blue
Age & Arrival Date: 4; August 9, 2008
Relationships: Kaga is Hana and Megumi's younger sister.

The Shirokami Family

Name & Meaning: Mieko, after our Japanese travel agent.
Model & Faceup: LE Dolpa 13 SD10 Liz; Me
Wig & Eyes: Miliren blond mohair; default 18mm Volks B. Pale Purple
Age & Arrival Date: 17; November 15, 2005
Relationships: Mieko is Hina's older sister and Odile's girlfriend.

Name & Meaning: Hina Ichigo, from Rozen Maiden.
Model & Faceup: HT Dolpa Nagoya 2 MSD Toppi; default
Wig & Eyes: Miliren blond mohair; 16mm Volks B. Pale Purple (Lilith default)
Age & Arrival Date: 8; September 1, 2005
Relationships: Hina is Mieko's younger sister and Odette's friend.

The Akakami Family

Name & Meaning: Odile, from Swan Lake.
Model & Faceup: US Volks Opening LE SD10 Tae; default
Wig & Eyes: Various carrot red; 18mm Volks Rosewood (Isao default)
Age & Arrival Date: 17; November 18, 2005
Relationships: Odile is Odette's older sister and Mieko's girlfriend.

Name & Meaning: Odette, from Swan Lake.
Model & Faceup: US One-off MSD F-06; K. Mayura
Wig & Eyes: Miliren carrot mohair; default 16mm Volks Rosewood
Age & Arrival Date: 9; August 5, 2006
Relationships: Odette is Odile's younger sister and Hina's friend.

The Alabaster Family

Name & Meaning: Edgar Sebastian Thomas, from Angels & Insects and Brideshead Revisited; nicknamed Yuki, meaning snow.
Model & Faceup: FCS Snow-skin SD13 F-16; Volks
Wig & Eyes: Various light blond and white; 18mm Zoukeimura GE 15, Neodymium
Age & Arrival Date: 22; May 9, 2009
Relationships: Edgar is Eugenia's twin brother and Esmond's older brother.

Name & Meaning: Eugenia Clare,from Angels & Insects; nicknamed Himiko, meaning sun priestess
Model & Faceup: NY Dolpa LE SD10 Masha; default
Wig & Eyes: Volks V-74-100 or white mohair; 18mm Volks B. Lavender (Shiro default)
Age & Arrival Date: 22; August 6, 2007
Relationships: Eugenia is Edgar's twin sister, Esmond's older sister and Yuuko's friend.

Name & Meaning: Esmond; nicknamed Tsukio, meaning moonshine.
Model & Faceup: FCS Snow-skin MSD F-09; Kiriko Moth
Wig & Eyes: Monique Johnny, Lt. Blond; 14mm Ginarolo Fawn
Age & Arrival Date: 9; June 20, 2005
Relationships: Esmond is Edgar and Eugenia's younger brother.

The Kinirokami Family

Name & Meaning: Seimei, after Abe no Seimei
Model & Faceup: Modified Sweet Dreams School Head A; Me
Wig & Eyes: Poshdoll boyish dark brown; 18mm Volks Hazel
Age & Arrival Date: 23; June 11, 2007
Relationships: Seimei is Daisuke's twin brother and Taiyou's uncle.

Name & Meaning: Daisuke
Model & Faceup: School Head A; Me
Wig & Eyes: Various Brown; 18mm Volks B. Goldenrod
Age & Arrival Date: 23; September 17, 2007
Relationships: Daisuke is Seimei's twin brother and Taiyou's father.

Name & Meaning: Taiyou, meaning sunshine.
Model & Faceup: Yo-tenshi Mamu; default
Wig & Eyes: Monique Doris, Auburn; default 16mm Volks B. Smoke Olive
Age & Arrival Date: 4; March 27, 2007
Relationships: Taiyou is Daisuke's son.

The Murasakikami Family

Name & Meaning: Pino, from Ergo Proxy.
Model & Faceup: Yo-tenshi Yuh; default eyes, lips and cheeks by me
Wig & Eyes: Monique Jessica, Auburn; default 16mm Volks Lt. Violet
Age & Arrival Date: 3; January 23, 2007
Relationships: Pino is Hana's exboyfriend's younger sister.