LavenderKiss is a secret world of romantic clothing for Ball-Jointed Dolls. The stuff of dreams, LavenderKiss draws inspiration from the elegance of the past, infused with flights of fancy and a richly textured individual vision. Antique lace, gossamer silk and sensuous velvet are brought together to wrap dolls in unique, beautiful garments of the finest materials and old-world handcraftsmanship.

Kelly H. is the creator of LavenderKiss. With more than thirty years experience in textile design, tailoring and historical costume re-creation it was inevitable that, when she started collecting BJD in 2004, she would bring those skills to designing and making clothing and accessories for the two dozen BJD that share her life.

Other BJD collectors soon asked her to create clothing for their dolls too, and LavenderKiss became Kelly's calling. In addition to offering clothing of her original designs, she has also occasionally accepted commissions to give form to other doll owners' dreams.

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